Sunday, November 4, 2007

Size DOES Matter

When you have a $2.2 Trillion industry you work very hard to protect the status quo, and that's exactly what the medical and pharmaceutical industries are doing right now. (Remember the 1950's military-industrial complex? Today it's the medical-pharmaceutical complex or MPC.) One of their favorite tactics is to discredit the opposition.

There is a new book on the market designed to do just that and the sad fact is it's probably going to influence millions of people. By looking through the wrong end of their telescope they'll convince people not to try complementary and alterantive medicine and instead continue to suffer or use even more prescription drugs. It's an audacious enterprise to discredit ALL types of CAM, not just one or two types.

The arrogance is that they think they can discredit therapies that have been used successfully for thousands of years and billions of people around the world. How stupid do they think people are in this country? Everybody knows somebody who's had a successful experience with CAM, sometimes miraculous, so the cat is already out of the bag. They can't claim that all of us are simply delusional or suffering from a placebo effect.

Isn't it interesting that this new book would come out during an election cycle where health care changes are the most important topic for voters? Money talks ... and right now it's talking loud and clear about protecting its market share. It's not going to change without a fight.

Unfortunately size does matter so when you have power and money behind you, your book gets the best placement, top reviews and will in the coming weeks get lots and lots of media attention. When you see all of these reviews and interviews just remember there is a small book from a small press called UnBreak Your Health presenting the other side of the story, the real-life experiences of people who've found better health and a better life with CAM.

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