Friday, January 4, 2008

Bad Test = Wrong Treatment

From the wonderful world of medical news you probably don't hear comes the story about how thousands of breast-cancer patients may be getting the wrong treatment because the diagnostic tests were wrong. Turns out while several major insurance companies are willing to pay for second opinions on such tests the doctors often just don't bother to order them.

Since the American Cancer Society estimates that 178,000 patients were diagnosed with invasive breast cancer last year even a small percentage factor for errors adds up to a lot of lives. In this case it's not a small factor, but may be something in the 14% - 23% range. Hormone testing methods aren't even consistent since different labs use different methods and criteria to make their decisions.

Always, ALWAYS ask for a second opinion on EVERYTHING to do with your health whether it's mainstream medicine or some type of complementary or alternative therapy. After all, it's YOUR life!

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