Monday, November 10, 2008

Crestor Study

I'm sure your newspaper has a BIG story about the Jupiter study showing that Crestor can reduce heart attacks and strokes for "normally healthy" people. There are a few points that are probably not included in the article though, like the fact that Dr. Ridker (he presented the study) and Harvard share a patent on the lab test needed to see if the medication is warranted.

We've become so upside-down on medications we don't realize the stupidity of 81 people taking a drug they don't need in order for one person to benefit. Side effects? (Like anger, memory loss and other symptoms reported by Crestor users.) Long term hazards? Doesn't anyone realize how crazy this is?

The drug was not used against the Ornish Program or other lifestyle changing therapy which would reduce weight and generally improve health. In other words it's a drug for the lazy American who is happy to pop a pill but is too busy to take care of his own health.

Once again the media is going to work hand-in-hand with their friends at the drug companies to sell another dangerous drug to more Americans.

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