Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Food Health Dangers

You've probably already heard of the growing concern over the chemical BPA in our food supply but a new study raises the level substantially. A coalition of 17 public and environmental health groups analyzed can from 19 states and Ontario, Canaca and found 92% of them contained the chemical. BPA has been associated with several different damaging health effects and there is a growing chorus of people asking for it to be banned from our food supply.

Sen. Dianne Feinstein, (D. California) has already called for a ban on BPA in food and beverage containers saying "Nearly 200 scientific studies show that exposures to low doses of BPA, particularly during pregnancy and early infancy, are associated with a wide range of adverse health effects later in life."

In my most popular speech on complementary and alternative therapies (Secrets of New Science & Old Medicine) the handout has a picture of the Agouti mice at Duke University. The photo is about epigenetics but the environmental factor producing obesity in the mice was exposure to BPA. You can hear a podcast of this presentation at www.unbreakyourhealth.com.

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