Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Newest CAM is Most Researched

One of the newest forms of complementary and alternative therapies is also one of the most researched. IBMT or Integrative Body-Mind Training was developed from Traditional Chinese Medicine by Dr. Yu-Yuan Tang in 1990 in China. Since then he's published more than 170 nationally and internationally peer-reviewed articles about this amazing innovation. Currently he's a visiting professor at the University of Oregon.

IBMT is the latest podcast to be added to the growing library of programs about complementary and alternative therapies at UnBreak Your Health. The interview with Dr. Tang was very informative about this amazing and very fast form of meditation or mindfulness. "The path is the goal" with IBMT.

This is also an exception in the second edition of How To UnBreak Your Health because the therapy isn't even available in the United States yet. Because of the source of IBMT and its fast-growing scientific reputation I felt it needed to be included in the book. IBMT may be very popular before the next edition comes out.

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