Thursday, September 15, 2022

U.S. Life Expectancy Down

 As Covid winds down you may be wondering how America fared compared to other nations around the world.  Let me put it this way, ten of the 21 nations in the survey I saw  recentlyactually gained a slight amount of life expectancy.  The U.S. lost 2.1 years.  Why is this important?  Because money doesn't mean anything if you're dead.  We need to get healthier as a country, it's as simple as that.

Thursday, May 19, 2022

Trapped Into Wrong Medicine

 We're not surprised when the 911 ambulance takes you to your town's hospital.  After all, it's your town's hospital, right?  What you may not know is that once you're checked in there you can't go to any other hospital.  That's right, even if you've had the same procedure done at a hospital just outside your town's border less than two years ago, you can't go back to your old doctor.  No matter how incompetent the doctor is at your town's hospital, you're trapped.

This was a surprising revaluation I just learned when a family member suffered a broken hip.  Fortunately it appears this will turn out fine but I know of another case where the surgeon used the wrong size hardware and the entire operation had to be done over weeks later.  I'm sure you can appreciate all of the pain and suffering involved with having TWO operations instead of one.

I'm sure this policy was created to protect the smaller, less qualified hospitals from losing all of their customers to the bigger, newer facilities but the price is one we all pay by our ignorance.  It's unfair and it's not right.  Until the laws get changed we're all facing this situation.

These are the little surprises awaiting all of us in American healthcare today.

Monday, May 9, 2022

The Natural Way

Not long ago one of my doctors wanted to give me a prescription and I said "No", thank you.  I asked him exactly what did I need to improve in my blood chemistry and he told me.  Then I came home and researched all of the foods that I could add to my diet which would boost my bloodwork.  I just got the results of my latest body chemistry and talked with the doctor and he was absolutely amazed at how perfect it all was now.  Apparently he hasn't dealt with many patients who prefer to do things the natural way!  

Before popping another pill from your doctor with lots of side effects ask what he's trying to correct and specifically what you can do to help the situation naturally.  You'll probably have to do your own research into what foods you'll need to add to your diet but believe me, it's worth it.  Your body knows what to do with foods, not so much artificial chemicals created by pharmaceutical companies.

Take better care of your body and you'll enjoy the results!

Tuesday, March 1, 2022

Reservation Desk Warning

 Be very careful when you do anything on the Internet today.  Fraud and rip-offs are everywhere.  For example, a website at has staff with English skills so poor they are inept and incompetent at their job of making hotel reservations.  When customers realize the mistakes that have been made and try to cancel ReservationDesk claims the hotel won't refund the money so they get to keep their piece of the prize and the customer loses hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars.

Yes, if you do a Google search for ReservationDesk the second listing is " Scam" which should be a warning if you're not using your phone to make the reservation.  


Saturday, January 8, 2022

Free Book, Maybe

 Hopefully my novella ebook will be available FREE February 11-15 this year (2022).  I say hopefully because it seems that Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing system has some new rules.  One of them seems to say if I don't raise the price of my novella to at least $2.99 then I can't offer it as a FREE promotion.  Does that make sense to anyone?  

Anyway, I hope you enjoy my novella called SUSAN'S SEARCH!

Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Medical Mafia

 I was very fortunate when I was younger to have known the first medical director of the Betty Ford Clinic in Palm Springs, California.  The tales this doctor would tell of how many "impaired" doctors were working were frightening but also educational.  I gained a healthy mistrust of doctors and realized that they are just people too, in many ways even more biased and self-righteous than regular folks but also prone to all of the human weaknesses.

Starting with that information is necessary because we're now seeing how the medical establishment is divided and turning on itself under Covid.  Doctors and nurses are being fired for refusing vaccinations and even for spreading "lies" about the current vaccines.  As an example, America's Frontline Doctors at  Or the hospital in New York where they've stopped delivering babies because the staff had quit over the requirement to be vaccinated.  Or how about the Mississippi Medical Board's threats to withdraw the medical license of any doctor spreading misinformation about the Covid vaccines?

Who says that one group of doctors is always right and another group of doctors is always wrong?  When did "science" become 100% infallible even though there are various interpretations of the data?  Heck, there are even different groups of data!  We're seeing the prejudice and bias within the medical community at its worst today when they turn on themselves.  This looks more like the mafia at work instead of the holier-than-thou medical world where all of the doctors place themselves on pedestals above all the rest of us because they're smarter.   We're watching one group of doctors say their pedestals are higher than the other doctors simply because their egos are bigger.  

The world of complementary and alternative medicine has dealt with these challenges since the beginning but now the medical mafia is out in the light for the world to see.  It's hard to accept the fact that the medical establishment is so prone to egotism and bias but the facts are difficult to ignore when it's one doctor against another doctor.  

A friend of mine brought all of this to my attention again when he admitted that his doctor was inept and had been prescribing the wrong drugs in the wrong doses for years for conditions that he didn't have in the first place.  My memories of the Betty Ford Clinic doctor came rushing back to me.  My friend said he thought he'd chosen his doctor well because he was the medical director of a local hospital but the reality is that this doctor had killed one of his kidneys and severely damaged the other.  When he told his other friends using the same doctor they all quit the doctor immediately and just weeks later the doctor "retired", probably in fear of the lawsuits that he was owed.  How many other patients had this doctor harmed?  No one knows because the one thing the medical community is good at is hiding their own problems.  

Remember the old adage:  Doctors bury their mistakes.

Sunday, January 24, 2021

N95 Masks Made In America

 There is a new factory in Ft. Worth, Texas manufacturing N95 masks which are being sold directly to consumers.