Sunday, January 24, 2021

N95 Masks Made In America

 There is a new factory in Ft. Worth, Texas manufacturing N95 masks which are being sold directly to consumers.

Saturday, January 16, 2021

Pandemic Thought

There's news and opinion about the Covid-19 pandemic all day, every day but it's all one-sided coverage.  If you'd like to hear what a doctor with America's Frontline Doctors thinks about the experimental vaccines being pushed so hard then listen to this YouTube video.  It's worth your time.


Monday, January 4, 2021

Part of New Series

Great news to start 2021!  The latest book in the How To UnBreak Your Health series, 101 Ways to Improve Your Health With Body Work, is now part of the "101 Tips For Empowerment" series on Amazon.  

Friday, November 20, 2020

Free Download

Would you or someone you know like a FREE book? Maybe as a Christmas present?  Do you know anyone with a health challenge who could use a little help?  Then it's your lucky day ... or days.  From November 21, 2020 through November 25, 2020 you can download the novella SUSAN'S SEARCH for free!  

SUSAN'S SEARCH is about a middle-aged woman's searching for answers to her health problem and her travels from state to state across the Southwest.  


Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Amazing Idea to Save Lives During Covid-19

Here's an amazing idea to save thousands of lives during the current Covid-19 pandemic, from Bill Maher no less:
He's right, this has never even been mentioned in all of the media hype.

Saturday, July 18, 2020

German New Medicine

I was recently reminded that none of my research for the third edition of UnBreak Your Health has ever seen the light of day since we never published it.  One of the most interesting new additions was going to be on German New Medicine.  Here's what I'd written:

In 1978 Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer, M.D. was head internist in the oncology clinic at the University of Munich, Germany when his son was shot and killed.  Months later he developed cancer and he thought that the shock he’d received might be the cause of the cancer.  His research showed that all of his cancer patients had also experienced some type of major upset prior to their cancers.  He also learned that “conflict shock” could be traced to a particular part of the brain and a correlation with the organs of the entire body.  Dr. Hamer called his findings “The Five Biological Laws of the New Medicine” which offer a new understanding of the natural healing process of diseases.
          To honor his son, Dr. Hamer called such an unanticipated stressful event a Dirk Hamer Syndrome or DHS.  But a DHS isn’t just a psychological event, it’s really a biological conflict that needs to be understood on the basis of evolution.  It’s an experience which we were not prepared.  This is the First Biological Law.
          The Second Biological Law says that the resolution of the conflict progresses in two stages.  The first or conflict-active stage says that the entire organism is dealing with the conflict.  This features sleep disturbances and reduction of appetite which are necessary to process and handle the unexpected situation.  The second stage has the organism shifting to a healing mode with renewed appetite.
           The Third Biological Law states that the cell loss or proliferation in the brain following a DHS are a meaningful part of the biological system.  The Fourth Biological Law says that microbes don’t cause diseases but instead play a critical role during the healing phase.  The Fifth Biological Law says that Nature is orderly and that nothing is meaningless or malignant.  Every so-called disease is a part of a Significant Biological Special Program of Nature.

Friday, June 12, 2020

Men In Black 3

At the end of the movie MEN IN BLACK 3 there's a great line from Tommy Lee Jones, "How do I know what I don't know?"  It's a situation we often find ourselves in.  We don't know what we don't know even though our life may depend on it.  So where do we go to learn what we don't know? 

How about a comprehensive introductory guide to the field of health?  That's why I wrote HOW TO UNBREAK YOUR HEALTH years ago after my own challenges with health.  When even the Mayo Clinic couldn't help me I went in search of other answers in the field of complementary and alternative medicine.  Fortunately I found PSYCH-K and it helped resolve my health problems.  I thought there might be others in the same situation of not knowing what they don't know so I wrote the book as a simple, easy-to-read introduction to the field with over 300 listings.

I was reminded of this bit of history recently when I went back to PSYCH-K to deal with new health challenges (the fun of getting older).  Once again the technique opened new doors and helped me find the answers to my health issues.

When faced with a health challenge don't despair.  Instead look for your own answers.  Don't rely on doctors and medical tests to make your decisions for you.  YOU know your body and mind better than anyone so take control of your own life! 

Start by reading HOW TO UNBREAK YOUR HEALTH and you'll be on your way to a brighter, healthier you.