Thursday, August 3, 2017

Money in America

Did you know that today the average CEO pay in the United Kingdom, the world's fifth largest economy, is about 84 to 1 over their average worker pay?  In Japan, the world's third largest economy, the ratio is only 16:1.  In America in 1978 the average CEO pay at a large company was 26 times the pay of their average worker. 

Today in American CEO pay is 300 to 700  times more depending on your method of calculation.  We're not talking about founders or even major stockholders, these are simply hired guns and many of them don't do a very good job.

There are lots of books out trying to explain how it all got so screwed up but I think the important fact is, it is screwed up.  Morality and even common sense have fallen by the wayside long, long ago in our country.  Is it a surprise how this echoes through our economy?