Friday, August 17, 2012

Adrenaline Nation

Once in awhile you run across a book that seems to resonate with the times.  Adrenaline Nation by Peter M. McCarthy is one of those kind of books.  It seems to reflect all of our too many hours at work and too little sleep world today. 

Peter was a 20-year military pilot, commander and trainer and then followed up with a career as a pilot at Southwest Airlines.  Today he's a nationally board-certified naturopath and CEO of Life Energy Holistic Partners.  He's also Chairman of the Texas Health Freedom Coalition. 

In all of his work he's seen a consistent rise in the number of adrenaline burn-out cases and wanted to discover the "what" and "why" behind this phenomenon.  His research was interesting and compelling and he issues a call for everyone to take better care of themselves.

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