Tuesday, June 26, 2007

First Book Signing

Just back from my first book signing in Denver, what great fun! I stood off to the side of the New Leaf Distributing podium waiting for the 4 - 5 author to finish up and a couple of gals came up to talk. Then a few more lined up. When I was told they were ready for me to begin my first official book signing there were 25 people lined up around the booth! What a wonderful experience, I really enjoyed it!

Talking with the book store owners was very educational, I learned more about what they want from an author. They also were thrilled to hear about my book and they all thought it's going to be a huge success when it's published in October. They were delighted to hear of my marketing efforts to coincide with national Health Literacy Month.

I simply could not have asked for a more warm and inviting group of people for my first experience as an author. Their positive thoughts and good wishes made it an amazing event and gives me great hope that my message will reach all of the people who need to hear there are many ways to find health without prescription drugs.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Book News

June 24 - If you're attending the International New Age Trade Show (INATS) West in Denver please visit the New Leaf Distribution booth on Sunday at 5 p.m. for the first author signing of UnBreak Your Health™! Visit the website at http://www.unbreakyourhealth.com.

May 20
- Just heard from my publisher that the first orders for UnBreak Your Health have come in from one of the distributors. It's a small order but since it's sight-unseen we're both pleased, to say the least.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Texas Back Step

The State of Texas just returned to the dark ages with the signing of HB 2644 which outlaws any physical contact without at least a massage license. In other words dozens of complementary and alternative therapies will become illegal in this state by September 1st. In my case the fact that I've been trained by nationally certified instructors who've been trained by the creator of the PSYCH-K process isn't good enough for Texas. Even though my use of kinesiology (better known as muscle testing) is only minimal contact of an extended arm I will have to spend thousands of dollars and probably at least a year to earn a massage license if I want to continue doing PSYCH-K.

The freedom of choice for health care is rapidly becoming a critical issue for our country. We spend more on health care than any other nation on earth and have little to show for it (we rank #28 and #30 in longevity for women and men). It was only 20 years ago that federal courts had to order the AMA to stop trying to kill chiropractic care. The fight to limit our health choices continues ... and is getting worse.

Join the national health freedom coalition or your local state chapter to protect your rights!

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Dead End Drugs

Interesting article in WALL STREET JOURNAL'S Science Journal today about Evolution At Work. Scientists have identified the genetic changes that occur in Staph bacteria as it develops drug resistance in a living person. This is the problem that's killing 90,000 people each year in hospitals and increasingly is becoming a problem out in the real world where infections have risen 7x from 2001 to 2005.

The bottom line is Staph bacteria can produce 35 evolutions and become completely drug resistant in as little as one week. In other words the more drugs are given, the more the organism evolves to resist and flourish in a living host. After the patient died from Staph scientists were able to study the molecular evolution of the infection from his blood samples.

We have to evolve to a different type of medicine that doesn't rely on the dead-end (literally) use of drugs. Whether it's homeopathy, some type of energy therapy or some new combination or variation, there has to be a change in perspective and attitude in medicine before the bugs win the drug war.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Review Copies Mailed

Today was a milestone because the first advance reading copies (called ARC) were mailed to reviewers and magazines all across the country. Most of them need at least 4 months lead time so in order to have reviews coming out when the book is published, they needed to go out right now. It really is exciting to be making such progress!

Friday, June 1, 2007

First ARC

The very first copy of my book arrived in the mail today from my publisher. It's an advance copy but it's still a copy! There is nothing quite like seeing all of the hard work land in your hands as a REAL book. GREAT!!!


You might enjoy checking out the BBC's page on Happiness at www.bbcworld.com/happiness. It's on their show scheduled for June 2nd but also has other information. Enjoy!