Tuesday, June 26, 2007

First Book Signing

Just back from my first book signing in Denver, what great fun! I stood off to the side of the New Leaf Distributing podium waiting for the 4 - 5 author to finish up and a couple of gals came up to talk. Then a few more lined up. When I was told they were ready for me to begin my first official book signing there were 25 people lined up around the booth! What a wonderful experience, I really enjoyed it!

Talking with the book store owners was very educational, I learned more about what they want from an author. They also were thrilled to hear about my book and they all thought it's going to be a huge success when it's published in October. They were delighted to hear of my marketing efforts to coincide with national Health Literacy Month.

I simply could not have asked for a more warm and inviting group of people for my first experience as an author. Their positive thoughts and good wishes made it an amazing event and gives me great hope that my message will reach all of the people who need to hear there are many ways to find health without prescription drugs.

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