Monday, June 18, 2007

Texas Back Step

The State of Texas just returned to the dark ages with the signing of HB 2644 which outlaws any physical contact without at least a massage license. In other words dozens of complementary and alternative therapies will become illegal in this state by September 1st. In my case the fact that I've been trained by nationally certified instructors who've been trained by the creator of the PSYCH-K process isn't good enough for Texas. Even though my use of kinesiology (better known as muscle testing) is only minimal contact of an extended arm I will have to spend thousands of dollars and probably at least a year to earn a massage license if I want to continue doing PSYCH-K.

The freedom of choice for health care is rapidly becoming a critical issue for our country. We spend more on health care than any other nation on earth and have little to show for it (we rank #28 and #30 in longevity for women and men). It was only 20 years ago that federal courts had to order the AMA to stop trying to kill chiropractic care. The fight to limit our health choices continues ... and is getting worse.

Join the national health freedom coalition or your local state chapter to protect your rights!

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