Saturday, July 29, 2017

Free Book

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This novella involves a woman diagnosed with breast cancer searching for an effective treatment while he family searches for her.  She mysteriously disappears one night and no one knows where she is, except the friend that she's with for an amazing adventure.  The private detective hired by the family follows a fascinating trail to eventually catch up with Susan.  It's an interesting book that is also informative.

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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Medication Errors

Every two minutes there's another call to a poison control center and about 14 of those calls are serious errors that require hospitalization.  That's the word from the Journal of Clinical Toxicology recently.  That's actually the "good news" of this story.  The "bad news" is that serious medical errors doubled between 2000 and 2012.

The theory is that since more medications are being prescribed then we should expect more problems with them simply due to human error.  Personally, that sounds like rationalization to increase profits at all of the drug manufacturers.

The first question you need to ask your doctor is, do I really need this medication or is there a more natural (and safer) option?  Now since they don't get free lunches, trips or other perks from natural alternatives don't be surprised if he doesn't suggest anything.  You may have to take responsibility for your own health and do some research on your own.

If a medication is necessary then take the time to learn how to take it safely and then BE CAREFUL.

Friday, July 21, 2017

American Medicine

Recently I was talking with an old friend and as happens so often with old friends, our conversation turned to health problems.  He was having a chronic problem that even the Mayo Clinic couldn't solve and he finally said, "Next time I'm just going to wait for something to break."  He meant that American medicine was best at fixing something that was broken and not very good at chronic problems or, heaven forbid, preventing problems.

It's sad, but he's right.  I asked if he'd tried any complementary or alternative medicine and he replied that yes, he'd tried acupuncture a few times, but it didn't help.  Now the fact that this medical system from China has been around for oh, say 5,000 years or so, didn't impress him enough to go more than a couple of times says a lot about American patients.  People want immediate results, whether it's a pill or surgery, but FAST results to their problems.  They don't care that the health problem may have been years in the making.

American medicine has done an amazing job of training patients.  They've trained them to put up with poor results and keep coming back.  They've trained them to put up with rising costs that damage all but the richest in our country.  Worst of all, they've trained them not to try or trust other types of medicine that are successful all around the world.

Is it any wonder that healthcare in the U.S. ranks the lowest in the industrialized world?