Friday, February 1, 2008

Treating the Whole Person

One of the many benefits of complementary and alternative therapies is that they tend to look at you as a whole being, not just bits and pieces. These therapies look for the source of your health problem, not just the symptoms. New studies are showing the wisdom of this common sense approach to health care.

Researchers studying brain injuries think they may have found a common factor in many social problems: an old blow to the head. Underlying brain injury can lead to a variety of cognitive and behavioral problems from alcoholism on up the list.

In one case Mount Sinai researchers looked at a group of 100 homeless men and discovered 82% had suffered brain injury in childhood, often from parental abuse. Many learning disabled are, in fact, suffering from the effects of a brain injury.

By looking at the whole person and not just a specific problem we may be able to find the true source of problems and then be able to offer better treatments. It's good to see mainstream medicine opening the blinders a little to see more.

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