Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Worker Stress

Even Western medicine is beginning to recognize that stress plays a vital role in a wide variety of health problems. I'd like to note that low income is a huge factor in the stress of millions of American workers.

In a prior life I produced a business video called Chorus For Quality about how we all needed to work together for our nation's economic benefit because we're all on the same team. One of the problems facing our country is the growing divide between CEO and worker pay. In Japan and other countries a CEO would be dishonored to be so greedy resulting in their pay gap being a fraction of ours. When my video was released many years ago the gap between CEO and average worker pay was less than 200% and that was the highest in the world by far.

A recent study has found that overall CEO-to-worker pay gap is 319 times more than the average worker for the S&P 500 CEOs last year. This growing divide is not only stressful to the workers getting the short end of the deal but also to our nation.

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