Friday, October 5, 2007

UnBreak Your Health Becomes Amazon Best Seller

Yesterday (Oct. 4th) was the "official" kick-off for UnBreak Your Health on Amazon, and what a launch! The publisher wanted to wait for Health Literacy Month to release the book and it turns out to have been the right move.

Sales kept climbing all day long and by last night this brand new book had become a Best Seller, reaching #9 in the Alternative Medicine category! It's doing great in the general book sales category too for a brand new book.

Thanks to everyone who's helped bring this book to the marketplace. Friends telling friends and organization passing news to other organizations has made it possible to launch this new book as a Best Seller in its field. It probably didn't hurt to have one of the best book reviews picked up by the online services of iVillage, Reuters and Fox News last week either!

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