Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Changing Opinions

Isn't it amazing that doctors who think they have all of the answers to our health problems continue to change their recommendations? If they're right, why change?

The latest case in point is the increase of vitamin D for children. To reduce rates of the bone-softening disease rickets and improve long-term bone health, the American Academy of Pediatrics doubled its recommendation of vitamin D for babies, children and adolescents. A report suggests children receive 400 IU (international units) a day of vitamin D, beginning in the first few days of life — a big leap from a 2003 recommendation that suggested only half that amount starting in the first two months of life.

Or you can simply GO OUTSIDE AND GET MORE SUNSHINE but doctors don't seem to think about any natural ways to get healthy, only artificial drugs. Even in the most simple situation they can't seem to think first of a natural solution to the problem.

Sorry I've been absent lately. It's not for lack of news to cover, just been too busy to get on my blog.

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