Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Four Rivers of Life

Ran across an interesting article recently, thought I'd share it with you. It appeared in the magazine Bottom Line but it was actually about a book from Angeles Arrien called The Second Half of Life. She suggests keeping a journal so we're more aware of our life and the flowing of our rivers.

We all have four rivers of life that nourish us and help us to grow. The first is the River of Inspiration. What inspired you today?

The second is the River of Challenge. What challenged you to leave your comfort zone? Did you accept the challenge?

The third is the River of Surprise. What "came out of the blue" today for you? Staying aware of these mysteries of life can help you move in wonderful new directions.

The fourth is the River of Love. How did love touch you today?

These four rivers can raise our lives from a level of mundane averageness to an exciting, almost mystical level. Sounds like good advice to me!

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