Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Time for Action

A recent column in the Dallas Morning News shows why the time to reform health care has to be now. Steve Jacobs collected health care cost information illustrating why America may have already waited too long to get serious about health care.

By 2020 the average health insurance premium will be $24,917 compared to $14,623 in 2010 according to a Commonwealth Fund analysis. More important, the trend of employees sharing a larger percentage of the cost will continue so the $3,702 in 2010 will grow to an estimated $10,800. Don't think the deductible situation will improve because that's going to rise from an average $1,942 in 2010 to about $5,500 in 2020.

Mr. Jacobs calls this growing financial burden a household budgetary albatross. I think he's being kind. I think this problem will literally be the kiss of death for many.

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