Monday, January 1, 2018

New/Old Medical Term

I was watching a TV show recently about health care in other countries when I noticed a sign over the hospital's door that said "Traditional Medicine" and I thought to myself, I like that term.  It's much better than complementary and alternative medicine (and shorter too) but it says what it is.  This is the medicine that's been used successfully for hundreds, even thousands of years. 

Saw a recent article that says there's a group in Congress forming a new committee to try and ban CAM in America and I thought that's the last refuge of desperate folks.  I wanted to say criminals but decided not to, for now.  If you can't win the battle of minds and hearts with your results then why are you so desperate to eliminate the competition through new laws?  The AMA tried that route with chiropractic care (and still do) but it failed through the courts.  Americans have the freedom to use whatever medicine they choose to ... or they should.

Here in Texas we don't really have that right thanks to an overly aggressive medical board.   They work very hard to take away the medical license of any doctor that uses anything other than the latest from the pharmaceutical industry.  Sad for those of us who know the benefits of CAM!

In 2018 let's start using the term Traditional Medicine for all forms of CAM and drive the medical folks crazy!

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