Saturday, September 29, 2007

Health Care is Top Concern For Good Reason

Politicians are paying close attention to new polls which show health care is the top domestic concern among voters. There's a good reason it's our top priority! The percentage of companies even offering health insurance dropped to 60% this year from 69% in 2000 and the trend is accelerating.

According to a survey released this week by the Kaiser Family Foundation 38% of workers last year had deductibles of $500 or more and that's up from 14% in 2000. Even then the amount of coverage continues to shrink too.

Maybe America is reaching the "perfect storm" of circumstances to make changes in health care. Perhaps it will even be enough to bring complementary and alternative therapies in to the health care mix. After all, most of us turn to CAM only after we've run out of options with traditional medicine. Maybe it'll be the same for our health care system too. When it's run out of options maybe it'll open the door to better ways to heal and to be healthy.

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