Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Radio Perspective

Called in to a local Dallas talk show this week since they were talking about Hillary's new health plan. It was an opportunity to throw out the idea that WHAT we're paying for should also be part of the debate.

As our conversation developed I offered several statistics such as the recent report that the U.S. has fallen to #40 in longevity in the world. To my surprise the talk show host said this was a good thing! It was a sign that our country still had the freedom to smoke, to drink, to have guns and engage in dangerous behavior. I didn't bother to mention that we had all of those freedoms decades ago when we ranked in the top 10 nations for longevity, he clearly didn't want to be bothered by the facts.

In fact he responded to my litany of information with "figures lie and liars figure" which is probably as clear an indication of the intelligence level of the discussion as anything.

After the show I offered to send the show a free copy of my book so we could have a better discussion but the producer bluntly replied that they probably wouldn't be interested.

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