Monday, November 29, 2010

Philippine Traditional and Alternative Health Care Month

Did you know that by Presidential Proclamation #698 in 1997 the Philippines celebrate the month of November as Traditional and Alternative Health Care Month? They've already figured out prevention is more affordable than treatment so primary health care is a priority. They've also discovered that healthy lifestyles promoted in many types of complementary and alternative medicine prevent many health problems. It (CAM) can also offer effective and affordable treatments for a variety of health problems.

It reminds me of the vote in Switzerland this year that placed many forms of CAM into the nation's constitution to protect every citizen's right to them. For those of you thinking that only the primitive or unintelligent would be involved with complementary and alternative medicine I hope you don't consider the Swiss to have either of those qualities!

The rest of the world never forgot their native health systems but simply added Western medicine to their list of options. Only America has tried to make CAM illegal in order to support the profits of drug manufacturers and the medical industry. Today the tide is turning as more and more Americans turn to more natural forms of healing.

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